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About XEMA

The Xema Corporate Group started from a small private enterprise in 1993 and currently includes R&D and main production facilities in Finland (Xema Oy) Our products – ELISA & LF test kits, as well as key components for their production (antibodies, antigens, HRPO conjugates) - are sold globally to fulfil the requirements of both end users and industrial partners.

XEMA about

The company is focused on R&D and self sustaining which ensures the ability to respond quickly to new market challenges Our IVD kit development, production and sales has been certified to ISO 9001 since 2003 and ISO 13485 since 2009.


Our product development is focused on the following topics:


1. Clinical Diagnostics: tests for determination of tumor markers, hormones, infection markers, humoral immunity parameters, pre- and neonatal screening, diagnostics of allergy and food intolerance, quality control sera for immunoassays, etc.


2. Food & Environment Testing: tests to determine food constituents, food allergens, food contaminants – antibiotics, fungi/fungal toxins, food adulteration markers (dry milk, microbial transglutaminase, etc.) with special focus on Halal control methods (detection of porcine meat, fat and blood, alcohol in food/beverages/cosmetics). XEMATest line of rapid tests (www.xematest.com) provides a fast visual detection of food allergens for industry and home use.


3. Veterinary Diagnostics: immunoassays for hormones and infection markers for pets and agricultural animals


4. Forensic Tests: rapid tests to detect traces of human seminal fluid, blood and urine.


5. Reagents: monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, purified antigens of human and animal origin, Ag-Ab pairs, Ag and Ab conjugates with HRPO and various fluorescent dyes.

XEMA about
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