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mAbs to thyroglobulin (TG)

Cat#XT17, XT18, XT19, XT21, XT22, XT26, XT47, XT49, XT55, XT89, XT91, XT98
ImmunogenPurified antigen
Purification methodIon exchange / affinity
Physical statesolution
Buffer0.1M PBS, pH 7.2-7.4, 0.1% Na azide OR 10 mM TRIS, pH 7.4-7.6, 0.1% Na azide
Storage & shelf life+2..+8 C for 12 months or store at -20C for >= 3 years
clone# isotype epitope group matching
XT17 IgG2b IV NaN
XT18 IgG1 IV NaN
XT21 IgG1 IA NaN
XT22 IgG1 IB XT26
XT26 IgG2a IIIB XT49, XT89
XT47 IgG1 III XT19, XT22, XT26, XT49, XT89, XT98
XT49 IgG1 IB XT26
XT55 IgG2b IB XT26
XT89 IgG1 IA XT26
XT91 IgG1 V? XT22, XT26
XT98 IgG2a IB XT26

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